If you are buying a home, most people understand the value in having the home inspected for defective components like the roof, plumbing or AC system. Most also understand the need to have it inspected for termites or other wood destroying organisms. Few people consider the equal importance of inspecting for insect or rodent infestation in the home or the yard.

Insect & Rodent Inspection with Property360 in Jacksonville, Florida

Home Inspectors in Florida

Very few home inspectors are licensed to inspect for insects or rodents as it requires a specialized license in Florida. Some inspectors may report evidence of rodent droppings if seen but they cannot identify the extent of the infestation nor make recommendations on the significance of the issue or how to treat it.

Rodents and insects pose a health issue to the occupants as they may transmit disease, germs and bacteria as well as cause damage to electrical wiring, plumbing piping and furnishings.

Costly Extermination

Extermination of rodents and insects can be expensive too. The average rodent extermination fee is about $1,600.00 and that does not include replacing attic insulation or repairs to damaged components. Eradicating a large ant or cockroach infestation can cost several hundred dollars and bee removal can cost thousands if walls need to be removed.

Rodents, bees and insects are equal opportunity infesters. They don’t care if the home is new or old. Newly constructed homes are not guaranteed by any builder to be free of insects or rodents. Your termite guarantee does not cover ants, bees or rats.

Home buyers are simply not protected by a typical home or WDO inspection and you may find the home you purchased needs significant remediation. Few home buyers are pleased to discover they need to exterminate a rat population after closing.

Property360 Home & WDO Inspection

You won’t have that problem if you order a home and WDO inspection from Property360. We include a free insect/rodent inspection using our sister company, 360PestControl. If we fail to report a significant rodent or insect infestation, we will treat your home at no cost. If you ordered this inspection, as a stand-alone inspection, you would pay about $75 – $125 for the service.

When you are comparing home inspectors, look beyond the base fee. Home inspectors are not all equal. Some provide real value while some just show up and look around.

Home inspection + WDO inspection + Rodents + Common insects…all in one package


We’ll even check your lawn for disease and common insects

Treating or replacing sod for chinch bugs, sod webworms or fungus can be costly!

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You want the most qualified home inspection you can find. Don’t be fooled with marketing gimmicks or promises of “future protection”. You need to know what is wrong now. Property360 is fully licensed and insured for home inspection, stucco or EIFS inspection, mold assessment and also holds a General Contractor license. 360PestControl is fully licensed and insured for pest control, WDO inspection, termite treatment, lawn & ornamental and tree treatment.

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