ADA Survey for Accessibility Compliance

The ADA. Providing Access. Building Relationships.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an instrument that gives businesses and property owners the ability to build positive relationships with a large segment of the population. As your ADA Consultant we can guide you to use this instrument to its potential. Whether you need an accessibility survey performed, an implementation plan developed, employee/ staff training, or other services tailored to your specific needs, we will provide you with professional and knowledgeable service. Click here to LEARN MORE.


We work with commercial realtors, property owners, property managers, and attorneys across the country who proactively address a property’s accessibility. This allows their buyers to negotiate successfully. Sellers, in order to prevent disruptive lawsuits, should understand barrier removal and the advantages of having an implementation plan.  A property in litigation can rarely be sold.

We work with clients to provide accessibility that generates a quality consumer experience at their business or facility. Accessibility barriers may frequently include, but are not limited to, elements such as:

Parking spaces and aisles

Ramps and curb ramps

Accessible route



Click here for a complete list of barriers the Department of Justice considers  READILY ACHIEVABLE to be remediated.

NEW! Florida Statute 553.5141: Accessibility of Places of Public Accommodations Act

Florida enacted an accessibility law effective July 1, 2017. This new law authorizes owners of a place public accommodation to file a certificate of conformity or a remediation plan with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). A place of public accommodation is defined by the Department of Justice as private entities that own, operate, or lease to places of public accommodation. Title III commercial facilities and private entities or agencies that offer certain examinations and courses related to educational or occupational certification. The main point of the definition is that public accommodations are a facility whose operations affect commerce and are included in one of the following 12 categories: places of lodging. establishments serving food or drink, places of exhibition or entertainment, places of public gathering, sales or rental establishments, service establishments, public transportation terminals, places of public display or collection, places of recreation, places of education, social service centers, places of exercise or recreation. Private clubs and religious organizations are exempt from the ADA’s Title III requirements for public accommodations, unless portions of the facility are rented out to the public. To learn more about the types of public accommodations and the elements required to be compliant, please click here to LEARN MORE.

Overview of NEW Florida Law:

    • Creates a certification type for ADA experts.
    • Requires the DBPR to establish certification requirements and regulations for ADA experts.
    • Allows ADA experts to determine if businesses are ADA compliant.
    • Allows businesses to hire ADA experts who file expert reports with DBPR.
    • Requires DBPR to establish a public website with a registry or remediation plans, certifications of conformity, and ADA experts.
    • Requires courts to consider remediation plans to determine if a plaintiff filed a claim in good faith and whether the plaintiff is entitled to attorney’s fees in
      lawsuits involving alleged ADA violations.


Property360 is uniquely qualified to work with your business under the new Florida law. We have performed ADA Accessibility Surveys across Florida and throughout the United States. We have the qualifications, expertise, and experience to be your ADA expert.


People with disabilities have over $175 billion in discretionary income to spendThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an instrument that allows business and property owners the ability to build positive relationships with a large segment of the population.

It takes some research to find the right consultant for you and your business needs. Contact us today and allow us to sort through the facts, come up with a plan, and offer creative, hopefully economical, ways to work toward compliance. Coming into compliance should be part of an action plan to grow your business by reaching more customers, not  a stressful and expensive scenario that makes you want out of your business.

What can the scope of an ADA Inspection Survey include?

Exterior Components:
Accessible Parking Spaces – slope/ width
Accessible Access Aisle – width/ length/ markings/ slope/ location
Accessible Vehicle Parking Space – signage/ symbols
Accessible Vehicle Parking Space – ground surface/ clearance
Accessible Parking Space and Access Aisle – relationship to accessible route
Parking Facility/ Mechanical Access Parking Garage
Accessible Passenger Loading Zones
Accessible Route – slope/ protrusions/ clear floor space
Accessible Route – ramps/ curb ramps/ stairs/ handrails
Accessible Entrances – doors/ reach ranges/ operable parts
Drinking Fountains
Restrooms/ Showers
On street bus stop, if applicable
Site Arrival Point(s)
Interior Components:
Doors – clear floor space/ maneuvering clearance/ reach range/ operable parts
Accessible Route – slope/ protrusions/ clear floor space
Accessible Route – ramps/ stairs/ handrails
Drinking Fountains
Restrooms/ Showers
Counters/ Work Surfaces
Restaurant/ Dining Facility:
Counters/ Work Surfaces
Sales/ Service Counters
Self Service/ Tray Rail
Seating Types
Seating Dispersion
*May also include items from exterior and/ or interior scope dependent upon facility type
Lodging: Hotel/ Motel/ Condotel/ Time Share (some)
Number and dispersion for mobility disability
Number and dispersion for communication features
Mobility: doors/ clear floor space, operable parts/ reach range
Mobility: desks/ tables/ alarms/ signage
Mobility: Bathroom – entrance and configuration
Mobility: Bathroom – toilet (water closet)
Mobility: Bathroom – lavatory (sink)
Mobility: Bathroom – features
Mobility: Bathroom – shower/ bathtub
Communication: installed emergency alarms
Communication: visual notification devices
Communication: notification kits, if applicable
Communication: outlet/ telephone jack
Communication: controls on telephone
*May also include items from exterior and/ or interior scope dependent upon facility type
Play Areas
Exercise Machines and Equipment
Pools/ Spas/ Children’s Pools
Miniature Golf
Golf Facilities
Amusement Rides
Shooting Facilities with Firing Positions
Fishing Piers and Platforms
Recreational Boating Facilities
Nature Paths
Water/ Beach Access
*May also include items from exterior and/ or interior scope dependent upon facility type

Services We Offer:

Tier II Abbreviated Accessibility Survey                 Post Construction Inspection

Tier III Full Accessibility Survey                               Consultant Service

Electronic Report                                                      Training

Implementation/ Remediation Plan                      Expert Witness/ Testimony

Visit www.ADAConsultant.Guru for more information from our certified ICC Accessibility Inspector/ Plans Examiner and Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

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