Spring has arrived and Jacksonville homeowners should start preparing their homes for the summer storm season.

Home Maintenance Tips from Property360

Home Maintenance Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your home is ready:

  1. If you have not had the roof checked in the last 2-3 years, now is the time to make sure you don’t have loose or missing shingles, damaged tiles, or other issues which could result in leaks. It is also important to document the roof’s condition in case you suffer storm damage later this season.

  2. Check the caulking around windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps or cracks which can allow rainfall to enter the wall cavities.

  3. Make sure you have a positive slope for drainage away from the foundation. Homeowners commonly add mulch to landscape beds which can provide a place for water to pool at the foundation. Water needs to drain away from the foundation.

  4. Trim tree limbs and vegetation in contact with the walls or overhanging the roof.

  5. Clean the gutters! Gutters that are full of leaves hold water and overflow against the fascia or trim at the roof. This will ultimately cause wood to rot. You want as much water as possible to flow through the downspouts and away from the walls and foundation.

  6. Check the weather strip at the doors. If you see daylight around the doors, you need to update the weatherstripping. You’ll save energy too.

  7. Check the paint. If paint rubs off your fingers or appears blotchy or thin, you may need to prep and paint. Paint is important as it protects the wall claddings and keeps moisture out of the wall cavities. Most homes need new paint every ten years or so.

  8. Make sure exterior electrical outlets have covers and are weatherproof.

  9. Clean the deck drains on your pool or patio decks. Make sure you know how to drain the pool should it be needed.

  10. Take photographs or videos of your home. This can greatly assist you should you incur storm damage and need to file an insurance claim later.

If you cannot inspect your home, call Property360 for an exterior maintenance inspection. We’ll check the roof, gutters, doors, windows, siding, and paint for you and give you an itemized report of our findings. You can use this to hire the appropriate trade to get your house ready for storm season or to document the condition of your home should it be needed.

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