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Simply, the most qualified home inspector you will find in the 
Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL metro areas

Since 1986

Certified Building Consultant

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Cynthia and William Chandler
Licensed and Insured
                              Structural – Certified General Contractor, CGC060389                       Home Inspection – Licensed Home Inspection, HI1025
                              WDO/ Termite – Certified Pest Control Operator, JB218999              Mold – Licensed Mold Assessor, MRSA2209


Are you shopping for a home?

Don’t shop for homes without our Complete Property History Report


The report will give you a list of all recorded permits and contractors on the home you are considering. Find out, upfront, if the home has had major upgrades such as roof, electrical, AC, plumbing, and more. Having an idea of the age of the components can save time, frustration, and money.

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Contact us and get the Home Buyer’s Handy-Dandy Notebook.

Are you selling your home?
Don’t think about listing without our Pre-Listing Advisory Inspection.

Have your home inspected and we will alert you to potential issues other home inspectors may find. Save time, money, and frustration. Don’t let your home sale fall apart at the last minute. Contact Property360 and see how we can help you avoid frustration.

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 Massive foundation failures found by Property360

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Jacksonville, Florida Home Inspector

Which home inspector should I choose?

Hiring an inspector can be confusing. What qualifications should a home inspector have? What is a fair price to pay for a home inspection?


The biggest mistake home buyers make is assuming:

  1. The real state agent is referring the most qualified inspectors – they are not.
  2. All home inspectors are equally qualified and you should choose the lowest price. Bad mistake.
  3. Not understanding what the home inspector will provide. Read the State Standard of Practice for a Home Inspection here.



Our inspectors are your Certified Building Consultant™. Each Property360 inspector holds at least two state licenses and at least two additional national certifications. You won’t find a more qualified team anywhere. Our inspectors have a proven background in building construction; we don’t recruit cell phone salesmen. Our inspectors get dirty and their sole mission is to protect you from making a costly mistake. We could care less about loose doorknobs or wobble ceiling fans; you can get that from any inspector. What we will give you is a professional opinion on the condition of the primary components of the home. You know, the things you really need to know from a home inspector.

We recommend you do your own research on the home inspector and choose the most qualified inspector you can find. Get the free  Inspector Comparison Chart.

Mold testing and analysis – today!
If you are concerned with indoor air quality, you won’t find a more qualified indoor air quality firm. We are fully licensed and certified to conduct air quality/ mold assessments without the assistance of an outside laboratory for mold analysis. Each inspector is trained to conduct microbial investigations and to collect and analyze mold samples – on site. You won’t have to wait for results from an outside laboratory. You will also receive a site specific, mold remediation protocol which will tell you:

  • What specific mold you have
  • Why it is present
  • The area and scope of remediation
  • What remediation measures are needed and by whom

You won’t get this from a home inspector, and you’ll get it for less money!

Find out more about our mold and indoor air quality testing here.

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 Check out our standard home inspection packages and pick the one which best suits your needs or risk tolerance. our packages are based om what we have learned over the past 30+ years and thousands of home inspection.

Check out our inspection packages



Jacksonville, Florida WDO Home Inspection


Your WDO inspection is provided by a state licensed and insured technician.
Our technicians are UF/PMU Termite Masters and Experts.

All home inspection customers also receive a FREE general pest/rodent inspection – a $150 value. Absolutely, free of charge!




Does the home you are buying have a pool or spa? Wouldn’t you like to have it inspected by a Certified Pool/Spa Operator? Our inspectors are certified by the National Spa & Pool Foundation, the accrediting agency for Pool/Spa inspectors in the US. We are fully certified to inspect any pool including public pools. Pool repairs can cost more than most components in the home and is generally considered second only to the roof! Don’t allow an incompetent home inspector to inspect your pool!While we do charge extra to inspect a pool, we don’t charge extra for our qualifications to do so. We think you deserve that!

Jacksonville Commercial Building Inspector

If you need a commercial building inspection in Jacksonville or Orlando, find out why we are your best choice in a commercial building inspector.


#1 – We conduct all commercial inspections in accordance to ASTM standards.

#2 – We have a strong background in commercial building construction.

#3 – We are the leading ADA consultant in Florida – something you need.

#4 – We are Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants.

#5 – We are Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspectors.

#6 – We are Certified Environmental Professionals for Phase I Site Audits.

#7 – We are licensed Pest Control Operator.

#8 – We conduct Property Condition Assessments nationwide.

Jacksonville Commercial Building Inspection

Some of our noteworthy projects in Jacksonville and Orlando include:

Mellon Bank Building, Pittsburgh – 942,000sf, 42 stories

DoubleTree Resort at SeaWorld, Orlando – Resort

Womens Center, Cummer Museum, Jacksonville – Historic building

Herkmier Building, Jacksonville – Historic building

Marriott, Seattle Airport, Seattle – Hotel

Holiday Inn – Hotel

Hilton Worldwide Hotels – Multiple cities/locations

Former Masonic building, Deland – Historic building

Jack Kerouac home, Orlando – National Historic Register

Higgins House, Sanford – National Historic Register

Tuscana at Champions Gate, Orlando – Resort

VA Hospital, Orlando – Hospital

In addition to these noteworthy projects, we routinely represent law firms, hospitality firms, chain restaurants, property managers, multi-family, retail, warehousing, distribution, medical/dental and industrial clients nationwide.