Commercial Real Estate Buyer and ADA

BUYER: Why is an ADA Survey important in a pre-purchase, due diligence property inspection?

Accessibility pays dividends and makes good business sense for a commercial real estate buyer and the ADA standards.. It is clearly in the interest of businesses to make their facilities and services accessible to customers with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Labor states that people with disabilities have $175 billion annually in discretionary spending power.

1 First, contrary to popular opinion, buildings are not “grandfathered” and you may be taking ownership of a facility which is in non-compliance to the ADA Standard. As the new owner, you may be forced to bring the facility into compliance and possibly be fined.



2Second, bringing the property into ADA compliance can be accomplished with the generation of and execution of an implementation plan to remove readily achievable barriers. Click here for a complete list of barriers the Department of Justice considers  READILY ACHIEVABLE to be remediated.




Third, the ADA is not a building code – it is Civil Rights legislation enacted by Congress and the guidelines and enforcement is ultimately administered by the US Department of Justice.


Consumers win and business owners win. Think accessibility before, during, and after the real estate transaction.


We work with commercial realtors, property owners, property managers, and attorneys across the country who proactively address a property’s accessibility. This allows their buyers to negotiate successfully. Sellers, in order to prevent disruptive lawsuits, should understand barrier removal and the advantages of having an implementation plan.  A property in litigation can rarely be sold.


stairs to the door of a business.

Accessibility is key to getting customers in the door.

As an ADA Consultant we can help the commercial real estate buyer understand the ADA and use this instrument to its full potential. Whether you need an accessibility survey performed,  an implementation plan developed, employee and/or staff training, or other services tailored to your specific needs, we will provide you with professional  and knowledgeable service.

More than 50 million Americans – 18% of our population – have disabilities, and each is a potential customer. People with disabilities are living more independently and participating more actively in their communities. They and their families want to patronize businesses that welcome customers with disabilities

Studies show that once people with disabilities find a business where they can shop or get services in an accessible manner, they become repeat customers.