Forensic Moisture Investigation

Your best defense against purchasing an indoor air claim is a baseline air quality screen. Systemic water issues, poorly designed HVAC systems or slow release of Volatile Organic Compounds may take years to reach levels which affect people. Please call Property360 at (904) 606-1570 today for more info or to request an inspection.

Why is Property360 Your Best Choice?

Multiple state licenses
Founded by a residential/commercial builder
Over 30 years of experience

Some of Our Projects

Project 1

Locating systemic moisture in wall cavities. Using our advanced expertise in moisture detection, we have successfully located moisture sources from ground swell, plumbing leaks, roof/wall leaks, foundation failure, and defective windows.

Project 2

We are experts in identifying and locating systemic termite damage. We are certified to use the TermaTrac® Termite Locating system, which incorporates radar, thermal, and moisture detection to find live activity of termites as well as other insects in walls, ceilings, and flooring. Our customers have been able to avoid costly fumigation when we can pinpoint the exact locations of live termites. This allows for a successful localized treatment rather than total fumigation.

Project 3

We use smoke testing to quickly and inexpensively locate broken/leaking piping. Smoke testing is non-invasive and eliminates the risk of losing a TV camera in the piping (yes, it happens) or further damaging piping with plumbing snakes. We can also identify leaking ducts.

Project 4

We use ASTM standards to isolate and test moisture and air leakage in fenestration, wall claddings, and attached masonry veneers.

Home Inspectors Are Not Created Equal

We are ICC Code Certified for residential, commercial, and Americans with Disabilities Act inspections.

  • Structural – Certified General Contractor, CGC060389
  • WDO/Termite – Certified Termite Inspector, JE193496
  • Stucco – Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspector, FL-122
  • Insects – Associate Certified Entomologist
  • Home Inspection – Licensed Home Inspector , HI1025
  • Mold – Licensed Mold Assessor, MRSA2209
  • Pest/Rodent – Certified Pest Control Operator, JB218999
  • Science – McCrone Research Fungal Spore Identification
Forensic Moisture Inspectors Jacksonville

If you have a suspected problem or have a problem which you can’t identify, call Property360 at (904) 606-1570, or request an inspection. We may have a solution. We serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fleming Island, Orlando, Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, Lake Butler, Lake City, Macclenny, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

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