Most people understand building components have a life cycle or useful life expectancy, but they rarely plan or budget for replacement. If you are buying a resale home, you should also understand you may need to replace aged components and budget accordingly.

While you can live with aged floor coverings, cabinetry cosmetic finishes, and even hand wash dishes if the dishwasher dies, there are some primary components which will demand repair/replacement.

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Primary Components to be Aware Of

  1. Roof. Today, our insurance carriers are unwilling to insure an aged/distressed roof. Most carriers will only insure a 3-tab shingle for 10 years and a dimensional shingle for 16 years. That is about half of the expected life cycle rating for the shingles. If your home has a 3-tab shingle and it is 9 years old, you should plan on replacing the roof within the first year of ownership. Roof replacements cost between $300 to $400 a square (100sf or 10×10 area).

  2. Exterior Paint. Paint is critical in controlling our Florida moisture regardless of the type of wall cladding your home has but it is probably the most overlooked maintenance item. At least half of the homes we inspect need updated paint. Exterior prep and paint costs about $1.50/sf for a quality job on a typical one-story home.

  3. HVAC System. Many new buyers are sold on home warranty plans to cover aged units. Bear in mind while a home warranty may cover a repair, it rarely replaces a system which really needs replacement. You won’t be happy waiting days/weeks for a repair when the temperature in your home is 90 degrees. The cost to replace a typical 3-ton AC unit is about $4500 but it may be much more.

  4. Water Heater. Aged water heaters may make your home uninsurable so you may have no choice but to replace the unit. The typical water heater replacement cost is about $2,000 today.

  5. Windows. This is typically the most expensive component a homeowner replaces. Prices will depend upon the quality of the window, the difficulty in replacing them and even the time of year. A typical 3/2 ranch home will cost an average of $8,000 to $14,000 for window replacement while a large, 2-story home may cost between $35,000 to $50,000 or more.

Knowledge is Key

The key to happy homeownership is knowledge of the condition of your home so you may plan for component replacement before it becomes an emergency. Property360 proudly provides the greater Jacksonville and Orlando, FL areas with home inspections, termite and WDO inspections, mold inspections, and much more! Contact us today at (904) 503-9808 to request an inspection and keep yourself in the know.

You don't have to choose the most qualified inspector, but it does help!