Expert Home, Mold & Termite Inspections in Green Cove Springs, Florida

Professional home inspectors do not always have the proper qualifications to perform comprehensive and detailed inspections. According to the law, they can only conduct a limited evaluation of the structure and exterior components of your Green Cove Springs, Florida, home. Standard home inspectors can only make insufficient recommendations for repairs associated with stucco issues, mold infestations, asbestos damage, or termite problems.

Home buyers and sellers are often devastated when they find out they have to hire additional inspectors to evaluate these specialized areas of your home. You may not have the time to manage several different inspections, nor the budget to pay for them. Save time, money, and frustration when you hire Property360. We are SIC classified as a Veteran owned, small business certified not only in comprehensive residential inspections and commercial property assessments, but also specialized evaluations such as mold inspections and termite inspections. Request an inspection today from our certified inspectors by calling (904) 606-1570.

Property360 Is Your Best Choice

Thorough home inspections with same-day digital reports.
Perform WDO and termite inspections using the most modern and up-to-date technology.
Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards.

About Our Certified Home Inspectors

We are ICC Code Certified for residential, commercial, and Americans with Disabilities Act inspections

  • Structural – Certified General Contractor, CGC060389
  • WDO/Termite – Certified Termite Inspector, JE193496
  • Stucco – Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspector, FL-122
  • Insects – Associate Certified Entomologist
  • Home Inspection – Licensed Home Inspector , HI1025
  • Mold – Licensed Mold Assessor, MRSA2209
  • Pest/Rodent – Certified Pest Control Operator, JB218999
  • Science – McCrone Research Fungal Spore Identification
Property360 Inspection Owners Green Cove Springs Florida

Your One-Stop Shop for Professional Inspections

For meticulous and detailed inspections, look no further than Property360. If you suspect mold or termite damage in your Green Cove Springs, FL, home, our certified inspectors are more than capable of giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your home.

Property360 vs. Competitors

Property360 Competitors
Performed our first inspection in 1986 Over 50% have less than 2-years of experience
Licensed pest control operator Subcontract the inspection and take a markup
Licensed mold assessor Take an air sample and send it to a lab
Free mold sampling – today! Charge $195 to $295 with a 3-day turnaround
Will tell you what the mold means Rely upon a lab report with limited value
Free pest/rodent inspections Not included (they are not licensed)
Free stucco assessment by a certified inspector Refer you to a qualified professional in their report!
Provides insured, employee inspectors May use 1099 subcontractors
Uses company-branded vehicles Subcontractors use their personal vehicles
Can assess any component of the home Limited to non-structural components
Can provide repair estimates Cannot provide repair estimates
Provides multiple state licenses/certifications Provide 3rd party guarantees
Provides errors and omissions insurance Many do not!
Staffed office Many use only a call center
Division of Professions Green Cove Springs Florida

Learn More About Property360

There are very few inspectors that have experience in residential or commercial construction. At Property360, we have more than 30 years of experience in the construction trade, which makes us more than qualified for performing mold inspections, termite inspections, and home inspections.

Property360 is a professional inspection firm proudly serving Macclenny, Orlando, St Augustine, Fleming Island, Keystone Heights, Lake Butler, Lake City, and beyond. We are your local expert for Home inspections, Commercial property condition assessments, Mold and indoor air quality assessments, Forensic moisture investigations, Fire door and Balcony inspections, Forensic termite inspection (provided by 360PestControl), Americans with Disabilities Facility Surveys (ADA), Second Opinions and Expert Testimony, Building Code Inspection, New Construction Inspection, Construction Defect Assessment, Construction As-Built Inspection, Contractor Draw Request Inspection, Construction Management, Contractor Dispute Resolution, Fire and Flood Damage Assessment, and Residential Insurance Inspections – Wind Mitigation and 4-Point Reports.

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