There is only one home inspection firm in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area who can truly assess any component in the home you are buying/selling.

Not only can Property360 fully assess the issue/concern, but we can also respond immediately with the information you need to proceed.

Home Inspection Certifications Jacksonville, FL

Your real estate agent will not always refer you to the “best” home inspector; in fact, many don’t have a clue what qualifications a home inspector should have. They refer who they like or who supports them.

Our Company

Property360 has been around longer than most home inspectors; in fact, we performed our first fee paid home inspection in 1986. Our company is older than most of the home inspectors in the market today. The average experience level of most home inspectors today is less than four years and most have no background in home construction. In other words, they can tell you something is “cracked” but they can’t tell you “why” or “what needs to be done”. You really don’t have time for that if you are buying a home.

Most home inspectors have the basic state license as a home inspector only. You should understand that is rarely enough to provide a truly competent opinion on the condition of a home, especially if it has issues or is old.

When you are shopping for a home inspector, look beyond the marketing gimmicks and ask for a list of their state licenses. Don’t be fooled by fake emblems designed to make them appear more qualified than they are. They are meaningless in Florida.

Home Inspectors Licenses

Your Jacksonville, Florida home inspector should have the following licenses:

  • Certified General Contractor to assess structural issues
  • Licensed Mold Assessor to assess indoor air quality concerns
  • Residential Building Inspector to address building code issues
  • Licensed Pest Control Operator to alert you to pest/rodent/termite issues
  • Certified Stucco Inspector to provide opinions on stucco deficiencies

If your home inspector does not have these licenses, all they can do is possibly alert you to an issue and recommend you have it evaluated by Property360. Why not just call us upfront and save time, money and frustration?


Property360 is the most qualified and experienced home inspection firm you will find. We serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine, St. Johns, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Gainesville, Lake City and all towns in-between. To request an inspection, contact us at (904) 606-1570 today!

You don't have to choose the most qualified inspector, but it does help!