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Parking lot in front of building with ADA Accessible Spaces

ADA Parking: Restriping Lot to ADA Standards

Title III Public Accommodations: ADA Parking Lot or Parking Structure Is it coming up on the maintenance plan? Does the parking area just look worn... Read More »

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Different faces appearing to listen

Saving Realtor’s Time: See Our New Repair Addendum Feature

We understand - it is tedious to pick out items flagged as defective or needing repair to generate a Repair Addendum. You prepare the addendum, then t... Read More »

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News You Can Use

Let’s talk WDO Inspections The Veterans Administration (VA) has backed off forcing the Seller to pay for the WDO upfront.  Buyers using a VA loan ... Read More »

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Person sitting on hardwood floor in bare feet.

Formaldehyde in Laminate Flooring

1 Update:  March, 2016 Based upon the recent update wherein the CDC advised the initial testing protocol was erroneous (see explanation below), o... Read More »

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club house

Fleming Island Home Inspections

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING A HOME IN FLEMING ISLAND Over 27,000 people live in some 10,440 homes on Fleming Island.  Fleming Island ranks ju... Read More »

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