Saving Realtor’s Time: See Our New Repair Addendum Feature

We understand – it is tedious to pick out items flagged as defective or needing repair to generate a Repair Addendum. You prepare the addendum, then the buyer may want changes or the seller doesn’t agree and you go back and forth. We felt there had to be a better way and it turns out – there is!

Our new Repair Addendum feature in our HomeGauge Inspection Report provides an easy way for Realtor’s to prepare addendums. Simply click on the items of concern in the Summary of the report, select Repair, Replace or Request Monetary Compensation and a unique Repair Addendum is created. All parties may easily share and edit the report to arrive at a final addendum which can then be simply attached to the Realtor’s Addendum form. Saves time and frustration.

Need to get repair bids or contractor evaluations? Send them the repair notes/photos right from the report! Everyone is on the same page!

Watch the quick video below to see how it’s done….

See how easy that is! Our realtors are saving countless hours and frustration. Buyers love the easy way they can participate in the process. Sellers easily see the issues and they can respond quickly and easily.


Plus, with us, your clients will receive a 90 Day Warranty, MoldSafe, SewerGard, RecallChek on appliances, a 5 Year Platinum Roof Warranty, the best concierge program in the country AND because we did the inspection, they can purchase a home warranty (thru you) which provides 18 months of coverage for the price of 12! That’s SIX free months of coverage by the best warranty plan in the industry.

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We take home inspection to a whole new level. Not to mention, we are the most qualified home inspection firm you will find. Superior qualifications means we can comment on just about any issue found in the home including mold, wood destroying organisms, EIFS/stucco and structural defects. We’re fully insured to include E&O and commercial auto. Our courteous staff will take your orders, look up building permits and deliver electronic quotes and schedules seamlessly.



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