Ponte Vedra Beach Home Inspection

Quality of Life; Quality of Inspection

  Nothing represents First Coast quality of life better than Ponte Vedra Beach.  Established homes have an average listing price of $707,511 ($176/sf);  while you can also find a new home in the Nocatee community from the $200’s.  Over 1300 restaurants serve a population of just over 29,000 residents and of course, there is golf – lots of golf. People buying homes in Ponte Vedra are buying a lifestyle and many are buying second homes or vacation homes.  They envision their home as a place to relax and enjoy the amenities:  golf, beaches, entertainment, clubs and all the things that go with living in Ponte Vedra.  What they don’t anticipate is finding out their home has termites, mold, leaking roofs, unbalanced AC systems, faulty stucco, or homes which are generally uncomfortable due to excessive humidity. Large homes, over 4,000 sf, are simply more complicated. They have complex roof designs and multi-unit/split AC systems.  They are not just bigger – they are much more complicated.  The key to a quality, due diligence, home inspection in Ponte Vedra is the experience level of the home inspector.  The last thing a buyer needs is a bunch of pictures of the home depicting a little water damage to door trim or a glory shot of the brave home inspector walking a tile roof.  (We are certified Tile Roof Installers and we want you to know the manufacturers of tile roofs DO NOT want anyone walking on them – this may be your first clue the home inspector who brags about “walking” the tile roof may not know what he or she is doing). Complex roofs, HVAC systems and wall cladding systems such as stucco, EIFS, stone or brick veneers require a home inspector with experience and qualifications far beyond that of a typical home inspector.  The home inspector should have additional licensure as a General Contractor, Mold Assessor, EIFS/Stucco Inspector and yes, it would be beneficial to have certification to inspect pools/spas. Although there are many expensive components and features in large Ponte Vedra homes, often the roof and the pool are at the top of the list.  Many buyers forget to think of the pool as a large potential expense.  We understand it can be very expensive to repair a pool and that is why all of our inspectors are Certified Pool Operators by the National Pool & Spa Foundation.  The CPO is the highest rating one can achieve in the pool inspection industry. Last, but certainly not least, while we are carefully inspecting the home for hidden moisture and mold, we will also be conducting our inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms and termites.  As a Florida Licensed Pest Control Operator, we understand the importance of a truly independent termite inspection.  We are not here to sell you pest control. There aren’t many home inspectors who meet this criteria, although there are many who try to pass off their lack of qualifications with marketing gimmicks or fake credentials. We encourage you to speak with those who are truly qualified. We know, we are certainly one of them.  Call us and we’ll be happy to assist with your due diligence protection.

                               The Building Inspector “Certified Building Consultant”® Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspector Licensed Pest Control Operator Certified General Contractor Licensed Home Inspector Licensed Mold Assessor Certified Pool Operator

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