With a standard home inspection, you may not. Home inspectors check drainage by running the water in the home. Typically, that constitutes about 60-80 gallons of discharge during a typical home inspection. That may not be enough to disclose a broken or compromised sewer line. Learn how to find out about a compromised sewer line and how Proprty360 can help!

3 Ways To Find Out About A Compromised Sewer Line

  1. The seller fully discloses they have a drainage issue (maybe they will and maybe they will not). Without evidence of prior knowledge such as plumber receipts, it would be difficult to prove the seller was aware.
  2. Order a video inspection using a small camera. While this may be helpful there are shortfalls with this method such as:
    • Most will insert the TV in a clean-out which may not disclose issues within the piping in the home.
    • There is a danger of the camera breaking off the cable or getting stuck in a pipe break which could mean the flooring/slab would have to be opened to retrieve it. That can get expensive fast and most sellers would expect the home inspector to pay for the damage.
    • Some operators do not have a Sonde Locator so they can only estimate where the problem is in the test. That can be frustrating later when the plumber does not fully know the location of the break.
  3. Your best option: Order a smoke test. A smoke test is a quick, easy, and noninvasive alternative to televising drain or vent plumbing lines. We will test drainage and sewer lines using smoke to pinpoint all areas of leakage. Our smoke test will show underground sewer lines with breakage or root intrusion or show leaks in piping. Don’t risk having a TV camera break off or get stuck in a drain line! If this happens, the floors or walls may have to be opened up to retrieve the camera. Why do you think most plumbers will not perform this service?

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Our smoke test protocol can also be used on AC ducts to find leakage or to test crawl- spaces for unwanted air infiltration or attics for proper ventilation. Contact us at (904) 503-9808 to discuss and request your home inspection in the Jacksonville, FL area today.

Recommended for homes on crawlspaces, homes with older plumbing or septic tanks, or homes with outdated HVAC systems.

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