Home Seller’s Tips

You can avoid last minute repair issues with these simple DIY tips:

1. Check your windows before listing. Clean the windows and tracks. Open the windows to make sure they stay in the open position (bank appraisers will fail windows which won’t stay open). Often, window springs need to be exercised so you may have to open/close several times to get the springs working. Don’t forget garage/porch windows – remove any dead insects and cob webs. 2. Clean dust/common mold on air handlers and AC vents in ceilings. Change AC filters. 3. Check all light fixtures and replace bulbs where needed. 4. Clean the fireplace and make sure the damper works properly. Seal any cracks in fire brick. 5. Repair any water damaged wood including fascia, soffits, door trim and window sills. 6. Seal any cracks in stucco and paint with an elastomeric paint. 7. If you have a wood frame house, make sure the mulch is below the wall cladding. You should be able to see 4 inches of exposed foundation. This is very important for the termite inspection! 8. Make sure the kitchen appliances are clean and functional. 9. Make sure the home inspector and appraiser can access components like the electrical panel, attic, water heater and observe the plumbing in sink bases. Inaccessible areas may require a reinspection and additional fees. 10. Seal and paint old water stains in ceilings and cabinets. Don’t try to cover leaks up – most inspectors will find them with thermal cameras anyway. If you know they are from old repairs/leaks, seal and paint them to remove any unnecessary alarm.

These simple DIY tips may save a lot of time and frustration when a buyer wants to purchase your home. If you want to sell confidently, and for more money, ask about our Pre-Listing Home Inspection. We’ll show you how to avoid delay and frustration and make more money.

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