Home Inspections with Pool Inspections


The good news is, you ordered a home inspection. The bad news is the home inspector has no earthly idea how to properly inspect the pool!

Many homebuyers fail to consider the pool/spa may actually be the most expensive component of the home – more than a new roof!  Pools routinely cost between $25,000 and $50,000 whereas the typical roof costs around $10,000.  Replacing the roof and the HVAC system together may cost less than an average pool system….yet, you are allowing a general home inspector to “inspect” the pool for an additional $45.00.  Do you know what you are getting? Typically, the most training a home inspector has is a brief, online, course on “How to Inspect a Pool” provided by a home inspector association.  These courses are not approved for any state licensure or national certification by the pool industry.  They give the inspector a brief overview of the typical components of a pool and direct them to look for cracks/leaks and they provide them with a colorful emblem or shirt patch to convince you they are “qualified” to inspect your pool for an additional fee. Allowing a minimally qualified home inspector to inspect your pool for $45.00 is a big risk. Almost anyone can look to see if there are structural cracks or see leaks in the aboveground piping…yet, few can analyze improper maintenance which may relate to expensive repairs in the near future.

Pool article 2The person who inspects your pool/spa should be a Certified Pool Operator by the National Spa and Pool Foundation.  This is the certification held by most professional pool service companies.  The NSPF has developed a rigorous training course with independent testing and re-certification requirements.  Certified Pool Operators understand how a pool works, how it should be maintained for health, safety and optimal performance.

All commercial pools must be maintained by a Certified Pool Operator – that is the law.  The state does not allow a home inspector to inspect commercial swimming pools or spas.  The state understands a home inspector is “not qualified” to protect the public.  Although there are no laws giving equal protection to a single family homeowner, you should easily understand the importance in having your pool inspected by a qualified technician for the safety of your family and the protection of your investment. Unfortunately, your realtor will not advise you of the importance of this.  Many do not have a clue regarding qualifications to inspect a pool.  I suspect, many don’t want you to have a qualified pool inspection as they view the pool as separate from the home and they know pool repairs can be expensive.  Homeowners rarely investigate the true cost of owning a pool – it is typically in the $3,000 per year range with maintenance and obsolescence.  Homeowners who do not have regular service by a qualified pool technician will almost always incur more expense as obsolescence will require repair/replacement much faster due to inadequate service.  A homeowner who performs their own maintenance should have the pool inspected annually by a Certified Pool Operator who can advise them on potential concerns.  An in-depth annual inspection would typically cost between $150 to $250, depending upon the complexity of the pool. Will a pool inspection by a CPO cost more than an inspection by a home inspector?  Absolutely. A typical inspection by a CPO will cost $85 to $125, depending upon the complexity of the pool The typical home inspector charges about $45.  What you need to ask yourself is, “is my investment in the pool worth another $40 or so to get a truly qualified pool inspection on the most costly component of the home?”  All of our inspectors are Certified Pool Operators.  We invest in our inspectors education because we know it is important.  The average pool remodel costs $12,000 to $18,000 and we think you should know if your pool is a good candidate for expensive repairs. We encourage professional realtors to recommend a CPO for inspection of pools/spas for the due diligence protection of their clients.  If you don’t understand the importance, please call us for information. The Building Inspector® Toll free:  855-932-3784 www.TheBuildingInspector.net

You don't have to choose the most qualified inspector, but it does help!