If you’re buying a modular, mobile, or manufactured home, you will need a foundation certification to obtain a mortgage and homeowners insurance.

We also highly recommend you get a home inspection and a WDO/termite inspection for your protection.

Federal Housing Administration

The FHA (which underwrites most mortgages for mobile, modular, or manufactured homes) requires the home have a permanent foundation that meets the HUD Standards established in 1976. You should know it is nearly impossible to obtain a mortgage on a mobile or manufactured home built prior to 1976. The FHA generally requires mobile/manufactured homes to meet the most recent 1996 standard.

The Difference Between Mobile, Modular, & Manufactured Homes

  • A mobile home is a predecessor of the manufactured home and was built prior to 1976.
  • A modular home is much like a site built home but is built in a factory and shipped and assembled on site. Modular homes do not require a foundation certification as they must meet local building department codes.
  • A manufactured home is a “mobile home” built after 1976 in accordance with HUD standards and displays a red certification label on the exterior of each transportable section.

Many buyers of manufactured homes are confused with the requirements for a HUD/FHA foundation certification. First, you should know the home is “certified” to the HUD 1996 Standard for a mortgage; it is not required to meet any state standards such as FAC 15C-1.0104 which establishes a standard for “installation” of a manufactured home. These standards may exceed those required by HUD but they are not required for an FHA mortgage and unless the home is located in a High Wind Velocity Zone (coastal area), they are not typically required for insurance.

If the manufactured home has an “addition” such as an “attached” porch, screen room, deck, or garage, the “addition” must also meet the HUD requirements for tie-down. Your insurance company will also require this certification or proof that the addition is not attached. The HUD/FHA foundation certification must be sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer or Architect.


Property360 provides foundation certifications throughout NE Florida including Duval County, St. Johns County, Clay County, Baker County, Columbia County, Union County, Alachua Country, Putnam County and Nassau County.

Customers may bundle the foundation certification with a home inspection or WDO/termite inspection to save money. Contact us at (904) 606-1570 to request an inspection today!

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