Save Time and Money on Home Inspections Before You Make an Offer!

Hiring a home inspector in Jacksonville, FL is an important part of your home buying process; in fact, it may be the most important decision you make. Low inventory of both resale and new homes puts homebuyers at a disadvantage. It’s a sellers’ market. Competition is fierce and many homes are sold with multiple offers. Sellers’ are reluctant to make repairs and that makes it even more important that buyers’ understand the condition of the home.

Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

A Jacksonville home inspector will alert you to problems you may not be aware of and which may be expensive to remedy. Chances are, in today’s market, you may need to accept some level of obsolescence such as aged windows, paint, and appliances, and generally, you can plan and budget to make these upgrades. Some items, however, may require immediate replacement such as aged roofs, HVAC systems, water heaters, plumbing repairs, or electrical upgrades; these items may not be insurable under current insurance guidelines. If you have a mortgage, you can’t close without a homeowners insurance policy.

Don’t Waste Time & Money

Jacksonville homebuyers can waste time and money on homes that may not be insurable without repairs. Typically, upon receipt of an acceptance offer, homebuyers order a home inspection along with insurance reports and a WDO inspection. At this point, the buyer may not know if the home meets insurance underwriting guidelines. The buyer may end up spending several hundred dollars only to discover the home is not insurable and the seller may not be willing or able to make the required upgrades. In this scenario, the buyer may elect to pursue a HUD 203K loan (which takes longer and may not be acceptable to the seller), possibly negotiate the price and fund the repairs themselves or walk away. None of these alternatives would excite most homebuyers.

Before you make an offer on a resale home, obtain the following information:

  • Age of roof and type.
  • Type of plumbing piping in the home.
  • Age and manufacturer of the electrical panel.
  • Age and location of the water heater. If the heater is inside the home, is the overflow piped to the exterior?
  • Age of the HVAC system and date of the last service.
  • Type of electrical wiring in the home – branch aluminum wiring is uninsurable without upgrades.

Contact Property360 Today

If renovations or upgrades have been performed, ask for copies of the building permits. Roof replacements without a building permit simply do not count in the insurance world. Buyers can search for building permits in most jurisdictions online at the property appraiser or building department websites. You can also order a permit history report with Property360 by contacting us through our website. A permit history report is just $39. These reports will also identify if the permits were given final approval; you would be surprised how many were not.

You may also order a telephone consultation with a Certified Master Inspector to discuss the home. We will look up the building permits and discuss the primary components you are aware of. Buyers should take photos of the primary components listed above along with any other relevant photos you may share with the inspector. The fee for a 30 minute consultation is just $95 and it includes the permit history report which will be emailed to you. This is not a substitute for a thorough home inspection, but it may save buyers time and money if they are concerned with the general age or condition of the home. If the buyer decides to pursue the home purchase, we will credit $25 of the fee paid if Property360 is selected for the home inspection. Call (904) 503-9808 for any questions or to request an inspection today.

You don't have to choose the most qualified inspector, but it does help!