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Fire Door Inspections at Correctional Facilities in Jacksonville, FL

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons have their own, unique, National Fire Policy Number 1600.13 established on June 1, 2017. This policy ensures compliance with the NFPA, NFC, OSHA, and ACA Fire Protection Standards.

This policy applies to BOP-owned or operated detention and correctional facilities as well as UNICOR operations at BOP detention and correctional facilities.

Detention and Correctional Facilities

Detention and correctional facilities have unique considerations as they apply to NFPA 80 and/or state and local fire door codes. While detention and correctional facilities must provide a safe environment for detainees, inmates, and staff, security is the main priority. Doors must always be locked so emergency egress is compromised.

We find many local fire inspectors fail to recognize the difference when inspecting these facilities and many are not aware of the DOJ guidelines for fire doors/fire policy as it is not addressed in NFPA 80. We have assisted many correctional and detention facilities to come into compliance with local fire marshals in this regard. Often, maintenance personnel in these facilities are unaware of the DOJ guideline for fire door compliance as well.

Privately owned detention and correctional facilities can adopt the DOJ National Fire Policy as it meets the requirements of NFPA 80 while adopting the security measures required for the safe operation of the facility.

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