Common Home Repair Costs in Jacksonville, FL

What does it cost to replace the most common, major components of a home in Jacksonville, Florida? Frankly, it’s less than a cup of popular coffee.

If you buy one of these drinks daily for 20 years you will have spent about $33,945.00 or $4.65/day.

For the same investment over 20 years, you can do the following for a total of $$33,653 or $4.61/day.

  1. Replace the shingles on your roof (1.10/day)
  2. Protect your home from structurally damaging termites (.83/day).
  3. Replace the HVAC system (1.03/day)
  4. Repaint the exterior of your home (.48/day)
  5. Replace kitchen appliances – twice (1.17/day)

Maintaining your Jacksonville, Florida home is not expensive – coffee is expensive!

Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

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