Mold Testing

More than mold testing.

Our Mold360™ program now includes SAME DAY RESULTS for mold testing and assessment.

On average, we spend over 80% of our time indoors and many people spend well over 90% of their time in a conditioned space.  Small children, disabled, elderly or sedentary people may spend as little as 2% of their time outdoors.  For many urban adults, the time spent walking from the car into the office may be their only outdoor event for the work week.  We live in a conditioned environment; our homes, our cars, our bus/subway train, work places, eating establishments, shopping/entertainment venues – they are all conditioned spaces with little outdoor air.  The air may be slightly filtered but you are breathing a chemical/particulate composite of every component of the building and its occupants, including animals.


mold testing scam imageBefore hiring a mold tester, please read this article to determine if mold testing is necessary based on the condition in your home. Click here to LEARN MORE.



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Property Managers


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Physicians and Patients


Property360 conducts indoor air quality testing for:

mold testing Mold spores


mold testing Dust mites

Dust Mites

mold testing Building Envelope

Building Envelope

Formaldehyde symbolmold testing word webAsbestos in a circle

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Our Mold360™ program now includes SAME DAY RESULTS for mold sampling and assessment. This offers a tremendous benefit to restoration contractors who need clearance or property owners/managers who need to avoid delay in restoring the home.
All sampling is reviewed by a McCrone Certified Microscopist and Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC). All reports are provided by a State Licensed Mold Assessor.

Don’t be misled by promises of mold testing by unqualified firms or internet companies claiming to have offices across the nation. They offer minimal and unscientific sampling which fails to protect your health or property. If your property is located in the greater Jacksonville or Orlando, Florida area, you have the ability to hire the most qualified firm in the market.

The assessment of indoor air quality requires more than a few air samples…the assessor should also have verifiable knowledge and experience in building construction and HVAC systems. That is why every one of our technicians are Certified Building Consultants™.

Homebuyers: If you are purchasing a home and you are concerned with indoor air quality, we have a special program just for you. LEARN MORE.

HealthyHome™: Our package includes a complete home inspection to identify sources of moisture and air infiltration, an evaluation of the HVAC system and background sampling for mold and particulates. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other pulmonary distress, this is the package you need. Call us to discuss your unique concerns. Don’t be fooled by copycats, there is only one HealthyHome™ service package and you can only find it in Jacksonville or Orlando with Property360. LEARN MORE.

Employers: We are the best choice for employers who are dealing with employee complaints. Find out how we have helped hundreds of employers resolve complaints.

Property Managers: We work with property managers daily in resolving tenant complaints for mold. We offer fast, responsive and defensible reporting which gives you and your tenant the information needed to resolve conflicts.

Commercial landlords: One common mistake made by Jacksonville and Orlando commercial property owners is the lack of baseline assessment for indoor air quality upon construction or purchase of the building. A baseline assessment for mold, asbestos, TVOC or other environmental concerns should be part of your risk management program.

Physicians/Allergists: Physicians refer us when their patients condition does not improve or respond to treatment and the physician may suspect there are contributing irritants or pollutants in the home or work environment. Children are especially susceptible to environmental irritants such as mold, dampness, dust mites or VOC’s in the air. If your condition is not improving with medical treatment, we encourage you to order an inspection of your home. We have helped many clients over the years by finding unknown irritants in their home or work place. LEARN MORE.