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Our staff presentations for industry professionals are noted as being informative and on-point.  Over the years we have developed short 20 minute presentations which work well with weekly staff meeting time schedules.  Our presentations are delivered with supporting media and printed hand-outs.  We have several, industry specific, presentation topics for:

  •    Residential realtors
  •    Commercial realtors
  •    Business brokers
  •    Insurance agents
  •    Condominium associations
  •    Commercial property owners


Residential Realtors:

  • The Realtor’s Guide to Home Inspection
  • Home Inspector – The Weak Link in Your Supply Chain
  • BuildFax – Know Before You List
  • Decks – You Should Refer a General Contractor/Inspector
  • Home Inspector Qualifications – Are You Looking at this?
  • Understanding Roofs from an Insurance Perspective
  • FHA 203K Improvement Loans – Build Communities
  • Understand Florida Home Construction
  • EIFS/Stucco, Poly plumbing, FP panels – and other dirty words

Commercial Realtors:

  • The Realtor’s Guide to Property Condition Assessment
  • The Commercial Building Inspector & ASTM E2018
  • Understanding BUR (Built Up Roof) Systems
  • FHA 203K Improvement Loans for Mixed Use Occupancy
  • What a Realtor should know about EIFS/Stucco
  • Indoor Air Quality – Baseline Measurements
  • International Code Council Commercial Building Inspector
  • Safety and ADA Survey – What Your Client Should Know
  • Type II and III Commercial Wind Mitigation

Business Brokers:

  • Understanding Commercial Property Condition Assessment
  • Asset Verification of PPE
  • Safety and ADA Survey – What Your Client Should Know
  • The Importance of Parking Lots

Insurance Agents:

  • Replacement Cost Valuation – Why is it so contentious?
  • Documenting Deferred Maintenance in HV Roof Claims
  • The Barely Qualified Inspector as an Extension of Your Agency

Condominium Association

  • Cost Reserve Studies
  • The Impact of Deferred Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Baseline Measurements
  • Are You Ready for the Insurance Renewal?

Commercial Property Owners:  

  • The Importance of IAQ Baseline Measurements
  • Are You At Risk of an ADA Claim?
  • Are Your MRO Reserves Adequate?
  • Get Prepared for the Wind Mitigation or 4 Point Inspection
  • Plan for Roof Replacement
  • What can a Facility Management Plan do for you?
  • Safety Audits Reduce Risk and Save Money

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We would be happy to present any of these topics at your staff meeting.  If you have other topics you would like, feel free to let us know and we’ll do our best to address them.

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