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imageantsandpestcontrolWood Destroying Organism inspections are conducted in accordance to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture, DACS 13645.  The WDO inspection will identify Wood Destroying Organisms such as brown rot or white rot and any wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, carpenter bees and others.

The State requires the inspector to report on the presence of WDO that is visible, shows evidence or shows damage.

The WDO inspection is typically conducted in conjunction with a due diligence, pre-purchase, home inspection.

Presently, any homebuyer seeking financing through the Veterans Administration must present a clean WDO report for loan approval.  At present, the FHA is not requiring home loan applicants to provide a WDO report.  Regardless of your loan source, we strongly encourage all homebuyers to order a WDO inspection for your protection – even if the home currently has a termite bond.  Termite bonds do not cover wood rot.  Also, you should be aware many termite bonds only cover the cost of re-treatment and do not cover actual repair costs.

Discounted WDO inspections with the purchase of any home inspection.

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