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Your home and your family are unique, and both deserve more than the standard home inspection.

Different home inspection packages, for different homes.

We’ve learned a thing or two over the past 40 years of building and inspecting homes and we’ve seen many changes in building materials and construction practices. These changes require a unique approach in how we inspect your home.

The one price, one inspection standard, for all homes simply does not protect you.

New, inexperienced, home inspectors, fail to grasp this fact. The one price, all homes are equal, is the prevailing business model by volume, multi-inspector, inspection firms. You see, it makes quoting your inspection easy. You get the same inspection standard on every home regardless of the age/style or condition.

What kind of protection are you looking for from the home inspector?

The problem is, you don’t know and you don’t understand the laws/standards home inspectors work under. The state standards for a home inspection do not distinguish how the inspector treats homes of differing conditions, age or style; and that makes a big difference in how much protection you receive from the inspection.

That is why we have developed our home inspection packages based on age/style.

We understand the significant differences and concerns between newer built homes and homes of different time periods. The construction practices, methods and materials are different. Older homes have generally been up- dated (and not always correctly). While we can build an inspection protocol to cover most anything you need, consider our carefully designed recommended packages below.

If you don’t use us, use this information to make sure you are protected from the one you do choose – ask them what they will do differently on your unique home.

Recommended Home Inspection Packages

What is included in our Jacksonville home inspection or Orlando home inspection?

We offer three very distinct home inspection packages. Each package is designed to fit the age/condition/style of the home and your risk level. We encourage you to evaluate each package and to contact us with any questions. We want you to get the inspection you need.



Homes built 2006 –

A comprehensive review of the roof, wall cladding, foundation, windows/doors, HVAC, with an emphasis on moisture in walls. A general review of interior bath and kitchen fixtures, garage door, and attic. Our main focus with this inspection is moisture, EIFS/ Stucco, and ACMV walls.

Common problems:

Improperly installed stucco and stone.brick veneer siding, leaking windows, and 3-tab shingles nearing replacement.

Recommended additions:

Wood Destroying Organism/ Termite inspection
Wind Mitigation report for insurance underwriting

Buyer’s Benefit:

Inspector places emphasis where it is needed for most long term protection.


Basic inspection, up to 2000 sf, slab, one story, starts at $345.00. Larger and two-story homes priced accordingly.

Useful Information:

Many home inspectors exclude EIFS/Stucco/ACMV wall claddings, but you may not know that until they submit their report- what good is that?


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360 Home Inspection –


Homes built 1987 – 2005

A complete review of all primary components to include roof, plumbing, electrical, structure, appliances, HVAC, garage and attic. We include thermal imaging of interior ceilings/walls to spot hidden moisture and to test the balance of the AC system. Inspection includes a 90 Day Warranty on structure, water/sewer piping, electrical, appliances, our MoldSafe guarantee, and a 5 Year Roof Protection Plan (small deductible applies to Roof Plan).

Common Problems:

Homes built between 1987 and 2006 encompass several different code changes and construction practices. T-111 siding, cheap stone veneer, and numerous class action suits on composite siding developed during this time frame. This period also included Chinese drywall and problem stucco as well as improperly wrapped door/window openings. Moisture, termites, mold and unhealthy air are by-products of this era.

It is interesting to note, this is the same period where allergists became the fastest growth specialty in medicine. Do you see a correlation? Many do.

Recommended additions:

Wood Destroying Organisms/Termite inspection
Wind Mitigation report

Buyer’s Benefit:

A comprehensive due diligence, pre-purchase, inspection for a real estate purchase. Includes 90 Day warranties for your protection.


Our comprehensive 360 Home Inspection, including our 90 Day Warranties starts at $375 for a 1-story, slab home, up to 2500 gross sf. Larger and two-story homes priced accordingly.

Useful Information:

While we include valuable 90 Day Warranties for your protection, most home inspectors do not. If your other choice does not, ask them why? Even more importantly, ask your Realtor why they are recommending a home inspector who does not offer a warranty! We can’t figure it out.



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No inspection firm is more qualified or better equipped to inspect your home purchase. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a barely qualified home inspector! Compare our qualifications to theirs, make sure the inspector carries Errors & Omissions and Commercial Auto insurance. Ask the home inspector if they are qualified to make repair recommendations on structural issues or if they can assess a mold issue. By law, they cannot! We can and we do this for our clients every single day and generally at no extra fee! Get the information you need today. Everything you will need in one inspection firm.



HealthyHome™ Inspection

before 1987 –

Our most comprehensive home inspection. This inspection is designed for any person who is concerned with healthy air, has significant allergies, pulmonary function issues, immune deficiencies or is concerned with a healthy home for children or elderly. If you suspect, or the Seller has disclosed, prior water/sewer damage, you need this added level of scrutiny/ testing. If the home had multiple pets or exotic pets, we can survey the home for hidden urine in walls/flooring. If the home was built before 1982, we can check for lead paint. If the home has old metal water supply piping, we can check for lead in the water (extremely important for children).

This package is highly recommended for homes on crawlspaces or for any home built before 1987

This package includes our 360 Home Inspection plus indoor air quality testing by a Licensed Mold Assessor and Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards.

Common problems:

Wet or damp crawlspaces are perfect environments for bacteria/mold growth. Modern AC systems will draw this air into the home and promote odors and unhealthy air. Asbestos containing materials are common in floor tile, ceiling tile, insulation, pipe wrap and siding. Many older homes have been remodeled to include AC systems which may or may not have been properly designed. Mold/fungi is common from old leaks in roofs and plumbing. Hidden urine deposits harbor bacteria and produce odors.

Recommended Additions:

Wood Destroying Organisms/ termite inspection
4 Point Insurance report for homes over 30 years old
Wind Mitigation report

Buyer’s Benefit:

Know, before you buy, if the home has indoor air quality issues.


Quoted upon request.

Useful Information:

Do not confuse our HealthyHome™ inspection with other similar offerings from competing home inspectors. Many are not qualified to render an opinion in the State of Florida and they rely on a lab report to present their sample results. They are simply not qualified and you should understand the difference. Don’t waste your money on “mold testing” by a home inspector.

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Wood Destroying Organism Inspection – Conducted by a Licensed Pest Control Operator

Every home should have a WDO/termite inspection.
Buyer’s should understand you are not protected simply because the Seller advises the home has a “termite bond”. Bonds come in many shapes and sizes and almost all of them only cover subterranean termites – specifically, Eastern Subterranean Termites. Bonds do not cover Drywood, Dampwood, Formosan, West Indian, beetles, carpenter bees or ants or wood destroying fungi. Your only protection is your independent Wood Destroying Organism Inspection. Never, use the pest control company who currently holds the service agreement on the home for your inspection – even if we have the contract!

We own 360PestControl, LLC and we provide independent WDO inspections to protect your purchase. Our services are available even if you do not hire us as your home inspector. Here is why you should consider us for your protection:

The best report in the industry! Our proprietary software delivers the report in digital format with photographs of any issue we find. Which would you rather have – a high quality report which clearly identifies issues with photos or a hand written report you can barely read?

Skilled pest control technicians who are also licensed home inspectors – you can quickly see why our home inspector competitors don’t want 360PestControl conducting the WDO inspection! Well, we can’t help but look while we’re there!Uniformed inspectors, with thermal cameras, camera operated remote crawlers for crawlspaces, aerial drones for high/steep roofs, company vans, courteous office staff,fully insured and the best guarantee in the business!

We include a 90 day guarantee against
termites with every WDO inspection…

Prices start at just $125.00 but they are included in our Home Inspection bundle offers!

Plus, most customers are eligible for discounted pest control services following our inspection. Our service is the best in the business. See why our customer retention rate is over 95%!

Over 95% of our customers renew
their pest control service with us!
This is unheard of in the pest control business,
but it is easy to understand why…

• Our pest control technicians are also home inspectors who can identify issues with the home that may lead to infestation of insects
• Our technicians are also trained to identify issues with the HVAC system
• Our technicians are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools such as thermal cameras, moisture meters and drones
• Our staff not only includes a licensed Pest Control Operator but also:
A Certified General Contractor
A Licensed Mold Assessor
A Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
An Associate Certified Entomologist


Our company is a member of:
The Florida Pest Management Association
The USEPA Pest Environmental Stewardship Program


Our Pest Control Operator is a graduate of:
Purdue University, Urban Pest Management Program

Ask the other guy what qualifications they have!

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Additional Services

We offer the following ancillary inspection services. Please review these valuable services to take advantage of our discounted pricing if ordered with your home inspection.

Wind Mitigation
Add $75

If your home is over 14 years old, your insurance carrier will typically require an 1802 Wind Mitigation report. This report identifies the age/condition of the roof as well as any features which may provide a discount on your premium. Features such as wind rated window/door shutters, roof to wall attachments, nailing or newer roof coverings may reduce your premium expense.
Value: You will save a trip charge by ordering with the home inspection.

4 Point Report:

Add $50

Homes over 30 years old are typically required to have a 4 Point Report for insurance underwriting. This report documents the Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC system. The insurance carrier wants to know the age/condition and whether these components present a rating hazard.
Value: Required on homes over 30 years old. Save money by ordering with the home inspection.

Roof Certification:

$150 to $350

We provide independent roof assessments/certifications both for insurance purposes and as second opinions.
Pricing based on size and type of roof.

Final Walk:

Add $95
(a $150 value)

If you want to confirm repairs were properly made or confirm there were no hidden problems behind furnishings present in Seller occupied homes, we encourage you to have us re-inspect the home before closing. The final walk is limited to inspection of common repairs found in the original home inspection or to inspect areas which were covered with furnishings.
Value: Confirm repairs were properly completed and building permits were pulled, if applicable.
Value: Confirm there are no hidden issues which we could not observe at the original inspection.


Add $275
We will inspect sewer lines with a remote camera for hidden damage or obstructions. Automatically extends your SewerGard protection from 90 days to 180 days of free coverage.
Value: Aged drainage lines, tree roots may have hidden issues not visible to an inspector.


Add $150

We will scope the chimney chase/flue for hidden damage on wood burning units.
Value: Older chimneys/fireplaces should be thoroughly inspected for hidden damage.
Value: Chimney chases constructed of wood may have hidden moisture/mold.


Add $295
(up to 2000sf)

Your home will be tested for the presence of hidden mold in the walls/floors/ceilings/air ducts. You will receive a comprehensive report issued by a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor.
Value: Homes may have hidden mold which may present a health risk. If you believe this home has ever had water damage or if the home is on a crawlspace, we recommend this test.


Add $95
(up to 2 rooms)
Many of our customers are concerned with excessive levels of formaldehyde in wood flooring. We offer in home testing meeting all national standards for analysis.


Add $195
(up to 1500sf)

FHA/VA/HUD/EPA/WHO and the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation all recommend you have the home tested for the presence of lead paint in any home built prior to 1978. Lead paint presentsa known health risk, especially to children under six years old. Your realtor makes you sign a leadawareness statement and is required to issue a Lead Paint Awareness pamphlet to you if the home was built prior to 1978. Most realtors downplay the importance but you should not arbitrarily dismiss this.
Often, realtors will say things like, “don’t worry, the home has been renovated or re-painted”. This is a misleading statement as generally the lead paint has simply been painted over. We offer a low fee, field test which will alert you to the presence of lead in the paint. It will not identify the level or quantity present but it will indicate if you should consider further testing.


Add $45
(up to 3 fixtures)

Generally, every home built prior to 1986 has the potential for lead plumbing piping or lead in solder. Further,many fixtures contain lead. Lead in water is especially hazardous to infants and children under six. Until 2014, the EPA allowed up to 8% of lead but the ruling has now been reduced to just 0.25%. Recent examples of lead in water causing health defects in children is the Flint, Michigan study. While many of the homes in Flint were newer than 1986, the water supply piping owned by the municipality were older and contained lead. Many water fixtures today are built in China or Mexico and both countries are known to have lax standards and oversight. We urge you to have the water tested for lead, especially if you have small children. We offer a low fee field test which will alert you to the presence of lead which may indicate the need for additional testing.


Add $125
(up to 2000sf, slab)
Add $300
(with crawlspace)

Every home, including those sold with a “termite bond” should have an inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms (fungi and termites). Often, the realtor mistakenly advises “you do not need this” as the home has a current “bond”. Unfortunately, most realtors do not have an accurate understanding of termite guarantees. First, there is no such thing as a “termite bond”. Only a licensed surety company can issue a bond and we are not aware of any surety who issues termite bonds. Pest control companies issue “guarantees” and they cannot offer “bonds” or “warranties”. A termite guarantee is no different than a “roof guarantee” or any tradesman guarantee for the work. It is not a bond, a warranty or insurance. The pest control company and its insurance company promise to retreat or repair future damage caused by a specific termite should it occur. Most guarantees only cover damage related to Eastern subterranean termites (reticulitermes flavipes). The guarantee generally does not cover wood destroying beetles, drywood termites or wood decaying fungi. Unless you know and understand all fungi and termites are covered, you should order a WDO inspection from an independent source. Further, most realtors do not understand that the transferrable guarantee requires you to accept the program with the caveat that “old or existing” damage is not covered. Caveat emptor (buyer beware).

90 DayTermite:

Add $45
(up to 2,000sf, slab)

With our WDO inspection, eligible homes may order short term, gap protection to protect you against the infestation of new termite activity. This plan covers you against all termites. Homes sold with termite guarantees may not protect you from infestation or damage caused by drywood or Formosan termites. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are covered. Treatment for termites can cost thousands of dollars and our plan covers you up to $2500. This is one of the best protection plans you will ever find.


Add $175
(up to 1500sf)
WDO Inspection

Many older homes have crawlspaces which contain all kinds of historical information on the home. We find evidence of prior flooding, drainage issues, deteriorated plumbing, asbestos, missing insulation, wood decay, insect damage, mold, fungi, animals, environmental hazards such as paint/solvents, buried tanks, structural damage to columns, piers, joists and footers and a host of issues which are often expensive to repair. We take crawlspace inspections seriously and we enter every crawl possible. If there is simply limited accessibility, we will utilize remote camera operated robot crawlers. A proper crawlspace inspection takes time and effort. If your home has a crawlspace, you should want it properly inspected by an inspector who is experienced in foundations and home construction as well as a licensed pest inspector. You need both in a crawl.


From $475

We conduct certified assessments of Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), Stucco, Stone/Brick Veneer, Synthetic stucco and other wall cladding systems. Inspections are conducted by a Certified General Contractor and a Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspector with over 38 years of building experience.

Pool Inspection:

Add $75

We offer basic inspections of pools/spas and associated equipment to document visual deficiencies and functionality of equipment. This is a limited inspection intended for general reference only. While our inspectors are Certified Pool Operators by the National Pool and Spa Association, we are not pool service contractors. Many modern pool control systems require factory training to properly test/evaluate and we do not have that training or certification. We generally recommend you have the pool/spa inspected by a local, factory trained, technician.A complete inspection of a pool system would generally take 45 minutes to over an hour and cost around $150. You should understand our inspection is limited and is offered as a general reference only. We do not take any responsibility for wiring or the safety of underwater light features.

Lawn Sprinklers:

Add $75

We will conduct a limited inspection of the lawn sprinkler system to document the number of zones and verifythe system is functional. We do not test valves, underground piping or assume any responsibility for leakage or proper coverage. We generally recommend you have the sprinkler system inspected by a local irrigation/lawn sprinkler service company. You should understand most sprinkler systems need some level of repair or calibration. We do not offer any warranty or guarantee with a sprinkler inspection. It is intended for general reference only. A proper sprinkler inspection will take one to two hours depending on size and cost between $125 and $200. We do not devote that level of time or effort to the mostly visual inspection. Don’t be fooled by promises by home inspectors they include the sprinkler system. If they allow 2 hours for the inspection and they include the sprinkler system, what part of the home or sprinkler system did they not check? Maybe they are just lying to you.

Complete Chimney

Add $85

We will conduct a limited inspection of the interior of the chase and flue using a borescope camera. Recommended for homes with heavily used fireplaces or chimneys over 15 years old.

Simple Home Warranty:

From $395 (based upon GROSS SF)

We are authorized dealers for Residential Warranty Services and we are pleased to offer the best home warranty of any plan on the market. With our 360HomeInspection, you will get full protection on all major components in the home, plus:

  • 18 months of coverage for the price of 12 months – six free months of coverage
  • Coverage for hidden mold
  • No pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Appliance coverage including the washer, dryer, microwave, and food disposal
  • Roof leaks
  • Water softener
  • Drain line stoppage
  • Garage door hinges, spring, tracks, and operator sending units, sensors, chain and keypads
  • Alarm system
  • Central Vacuum unit and ducts
  • Water and sewer lines between the home and the street
  • You may use your own contractor to make repairs
  • Termite coverage which is not covered by another plan
  • Ceiling fans

We know, the name, BigAssHomeWarranty may be a little shocking to some but when we researched huge, gargantuan, humongous, bigger and over-the-top, we kept coming up with Big Ass. When we asked friends and associates what they thought of the plan, the #1 response we heard was “that’s a big ass plan”.

Compare plans and we think you will agree,
“that’s a big ass home warranty plan”
Your assets are covered.

See the plan here

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Punch List

The punch list inspection is offered for those Buyers who want a detailed list of all deficiencies. If you believe the Seller may make repairs to most or all components with obsolescence, damage or wear, or if you believe you can use this to negotiate a lower price, this is the inspection package you want. This inspection is thorough and detailed and you should allow approximately two hours for each 1,000 sf for a standard, slab home. Older or distressed homes may take longer.

Any Age

A comprehensive inspection of all primary building components including roof, HVAC,wall cladding, foundation, fenestration, chimney/fireplace, electrical system, plumbing,appliances and fixtures, flooring, window treatments, lighting/fans, garage/garage door.

Common problems:

Obsolescence in appliances, roof covering, windows, paint/wall cladding and windows. Termite treatments older than five years.

Recommended Additions:

Wood Destroying Organism/Termite inspection. Wind Mitigation report or 4 Point Insurance report. Cost to Cure report

Buyer’s Benefit:

A greater and more detailed understanding of future repair needs.A possible price reduction in the purchase price. Consult with your Agent.


Pricing starts at $750.00 up to 2,500 sf, single story, slab home.

Useful information:

Many buyers mistakenly believe the standard home inspection will provide detailed lists of all repairs or serve as a means to recover costs incurred to make repairs when components fail after closing. That is simply not true. The Florida Statute for a standard home inspection does not require, nor do you pay for, a detailed testing/list of all deficiencies. The standard home inspection is an overview of the primary systems – not each individual component.

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