Additional Commercial Services

ASTM E1528-06 Environmental Transaction Screen

ASTME1528-commercial-servicesThe purpose of ASTM E1528-06 is to define a good practice for conducting a transaction screen for a parcel of commercial real estate where the user wishes to conduct a limited environmental due diligence (less than a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment) is one of the additional commercial services provided by Property360.

Users should understand this transaction screen does not completely provide Landowner Liability Protection (LLP) under CERCLA and should only be used to identify “potential” environmental concerns. Commonly, this screen is utilized where the use of the land or facility is documented or a previous Phase I Assessment has established a clean environmental record. In that case, the use of the transaction screen serves to document the potential of environmental impacts based upon the current occupant’s use or the addition of environmental impacts by surrounding parcels. LEARN MORE.


Indoor Air Quality Screen

indoor-air-quality-commercial-servicesYour best defense against purchasing an indoor air claim is a baseline air quality screen. Systemic water issues, poorly designed HVAC systems or slow release of Volatile Organic Compounds may take years to reach levels which affect people. Often, the seller is not aware of developing indoor environmental issues. Under law, once you purchase the asset, you purchase the problems; that is why this is an invaluable as one of the additional commercial services. Unless there has been complaints regarding IAQ, it is most difficult to prove the Seller knew about the problem and failed to disclose it.

Most insurance policies do not cover indoor air quality claims related to design flaws or deferred maintenance. Correcting indoor air quality can be expensive and may take considerable time.


WDO/Termite/Pest Inspection

WDO-Termite-additional-servicesWe believe in Integrated Pest Management techniques and we believe as stewards for the future, we should take every step possible to limit the use of poisonous pesticides and aglaecides.

We are graduates of Purdue University, Integrated Pest Management for Urban Environments and are licensed for inspection of Wood Destroying Organisms, Termites and General Pests. We provide pest control services as 360PestControl, LLC, JB218999.


Lead paint inspection

lead-paint-inspection-additional-servicesAny building constructed before 1978, should be tested for lead paint.




Water quality testing

water-quality-testing-additional-servicesWe are primarily concerned with lead in water (unless the facility is on a private well). Any building built prior to 1987, with metal/copper water piping should be tested.




Type II or III Wind Mitigation Inspection

additional-services-Wind-MitigationIn Florida, the legislature has mandated you may be eligible for insurance discounts if your building has certain wind mitigating features. We can document those features and potentially save considerably on the wind portion of your premium.

Carriers may require you have this performed on buildings over 30 years in age.


EIFS/Stucco Inspection

additional-services-EIFS-StuccoUnfortunately, many problems are found with EIFS/Stucco applications. The manufacturers’ continue to update installation instructions and stress proper training to installers.

Most problems relate to moisture intrusion due to improper flashing, sealants, fenestration and drainage allowance. Repairs can be expensive and proper attention to an EIFS/Stucco installation is critical to due diligence inspection. LEARN MORE.


Fire Door Inspection

Fire-DoorThe 2010 Florida Fire Prevention Code, effective December 31, 2011, requires fire doors to be maintained in accordance with NFPA 80 (2007 edition) which stipulates all fire door assemblies to be inspected annually and a written record retained. Performance Based Options are available for large buildings, campuses and institutions per Annex J. We can develop a program for your facility to keep you in compliance or advise you of the expected cost to come into compliance during the due diligence inspection.


HR7020 Balcony/Deck/Railing inspection

additional-services-HR7020-balconyThe Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation requires all balconies/stairs/decks/railings to be inspected every three years.

A balcony is defined as any structure above 17 feet. Decks no more than three feet above grade are exempt (but not exempt from lawsuits) however, any steps/stairs and railings must be inspected. LEARN MORE.


Transition Studies

Transition-Study-additional-servicesA transition study normally refers to the sale/transfer of a complete development to new owner(s). Often, these new owners are assuming a PUD or HOA in the process and may have to prepare a Reserve Schedule for maintenance, repair and operating expenses (MRO). Buyers who exercise just due diligence must know the current condition of the site to include underground utilities, stormwater drainage, water and wastewater treatment systems, roads, and community features such as pools or tennis courts. We excel in transition studies and we offer a skill set few can match.


Capital Reserve Schedules

capital-additional-servicesOwners and investors who have relied upon industry standard obsolescence cost data soon discover shortfalls in their operating budgets. Each facility is unique and comparative budgeting rarely works. A capital reserve study will expand the property condition assessment to include life cycle replacement costs based upon the current condition of the primary components.


Cost Segregation Studies

Cost-Segregation-Studies-additional-servicesBased upon the Investment Tax Credit under IRS rules, we assist your auditors/CPA by physically documenting non-structural assets from structural assets. Your financial advisor may want to assign differing depreciation rates to different assets. Our typical client includes retail, restaurants, grocery, convenience store, healthcare facilities, marinas and tourist type attractions.


Facility Management Planning

Facility-Management-Planning-additional-servicesWe represent absentee owners who may not have a Facility Manager or who may need an independent evaluation of the facility management in place. Many owners of small to medium buildings or those having a diverse portfolio typically cannot justify professional facility managers. Our team of professional facility managers, inspectors and qualified safety personnel will provide a comprehensive management program to include procurement of service personnel, service contract review, service oversight, inspection, code compliance and reserve scheduling.