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Florida Crawlspace Homes

Few of our Florida homes have basements but a great many have elevated finish floors over what is commonly termed a "crawlspace." A crawlspace is the ... Read More »

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Do You Know? How Qualified is Your Home Inspector?

The realtor and the home inspector share one common, legal requirement - we have a fiduciary duty to protect the buyer. That common requirement is wri... Read More »

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Home Seller’s Tips

You can avoid last minute repair issues with these simple DIY tips: 1. Check your windows before listing. Clean the windows and tracks. Open the wind... Read More »

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The 3 Little Inspectors

The current trend in home inspection is to throw 3-4 inspectors at the house so the inspection can be completed in 45 minutes.  This allows The 3 L... Read More »

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Choosing a Home Inspector: One Size Does NOT Fit All.

Choosing a Home Inspector Please click on link above to learn more about choosing a home inspector to protect your investment.... Read More »

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