Simple Home Warranty

360 Simple Home Warranty.

Simple, as it should be. That is Property360’s Simple Home Warranty.
If you are purchasing a new home, chances are your realtor has recommended a home warranty plan from AHS, 2/10, AHW, Old Republic, HWA or Globe.

These plans are the most marketed plans to realtors by warranty providers. Many have marketing agreements in place with the realtor or the title company. What you don’t know, is none of these plans may be your best choice. In fact, with our simple home warranty, if you are ever denied coverage for a claim that can be verified eligible by any other contract, we will either cover it or give you 100% of your premiums back. Click here to LEARN MORE.


This is why the 360 Simple Home Warranty is the warranty of choice:

The Simple Home Warranty was developed by home inspectors who have an understanding of the most common items which fail after a home inspection. We know, because our clients have informed us over tens of thousands of home inspections. No home inspector likes to hear a customer complain because a component failed after we found it functional at the home inspection.

The other warranty companies know this too. What you will find is while we made sure these components are covered, they made sure they are excluded or covered for an additional fee.

Our plan is administered by Residential Warranty Services, located in Carmel, Indiana. While RWS is not the biggest known warranty company, it has been in business since 1986 and it is the only warranty provider which is licensed in all 50 states. RWS works with home inspectors to provide a quality product which supports the goal of the home inspector to provide added value to our services. The other providers only care about strategic marketing relationships with realtors and title companies. If you don’t believe us, check out the complaints online for any of these providers.



What’s Included

The Property360’s Simple Home Warranty covers components other plans do not or they are covered for an additional fee: If your home has any of these components, it’s a No Brainer which plan you should choose:


  • Water treatment systems
  • AC Zone Dampers on split system AC systems – not covered by other plans
  • Alarm systems


  • Multiple appliances like extra refrigerators and water heaters
  • On demand water heaters
  • Wells and septic systems


  • Multiple AC systems – the others charge extra per unit
  • Wall mounted AC units
  • Pool and Spa – can be added for $175.00.

Plus, our plan does not have a Pre-Existing Condition clause!

Plus, we will pay to have your AC system serviced once a year – a $125 value on average.

And, as an added bonus, if we conduct your home inspection, the plan will be extended an additional six months at no extra charge – that’s 18 months of coverage for the price of 12!

If that is not enough, you can make it a BigAss Home Warranty for an additional $200.00. You’ll get:

  • Coverage for water/sewer lines from the home to the street. If your home has a big tree in the front yard, you need this!
  • Coverage for hidden mold
  • $500 in termite protection

Plans start at $395 for small homes (up to 1500sf gross) but the average plan is $475 (for homes up to 2500sf). At $475, that is $26.38 a month for the best home warranty plan in America. That is comparable to what many pay for an appliance protection plan yet this plan will cover thousands in possible repair costs!

Not only do the competing plans cost more, they don’t include many components you may need. For example, if you have a pool/spa, you would not want to go with OHR or AHS. If you have a well or septic system, you would need to carefully evaluate OHR or AHS. If you have an On Demand water heater, the Simple Warranty plan is your only choice (thankfully, it’s cheaper). Finally, if your home is one of the majority of Florida homes which has a split AC system, you surely wouldn’t want to go with any of our competitors – they don’t cover replacement of AC dampers – costing between $450 to $900 each time they fail! To learn more about coverage, READ MORE

Your choice gets even clearer when you compute the monthly price since with our plan, you get an additional six months of coverage for free.

It’s a no brainer…

Look carefully at our plan and compare to the one recommended by your realtor. Tell them you want Property360’s Simple Warranty. Don’t let them fool you – you can purchase any home warranty plan you want. If you hear, “the Seller will only provide this warranty”, simply tell them to put the fee up, sign up for our plan, and we will bill your Simple Warranty to closing.


That’s right, you don’t have to pay upfront. And, you do not have to accept the warranty the realtor provides. Make your choice and get the best plan to protect your wallet.

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